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Received anonymously: In the night of 31 January 2019, before a beat established on saturday 2nd February 2019, 18 activists have broken 15 miradors, near Charleroi in Belgium. This photos show 2 big of them. It is the begining of an increasing antispeciesist movement and coordinated taking direct action.

See above, or click here to view video from the rescue.

Received anonymously: A toilet at a McMurder in Sweden got sabotaged. The piping in the sink was stuffed with paper towel and they received two messages: ‘Animal liberation’ and ‘Kött är mord!’ (Meat is murder!) Vandalising toilets at speciest restaurants may be a minor form of direct action, but one should always take the opportunity …

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Translation of an anonymous report from Stuffed in small cages full of crap, in a filthy environment, with a floor full of excrement everywhere. It’s not water or mud that covers their feathers, but their own excrement. Forced to live in complete darkness. Their liberation was a duty, cages have been opened and emptied, none …

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Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: After receiving a tip off that a puppy was being left outside all day in the freezing cold and with the fate of being used as a breeding machine we had to act quickly. On arrival we found the dog chained up to a small kennel that was just large enough …

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Received anonymously: Two hunting huts in the Bergamasche Valley were attacked by the ALF. The activists wrote in a claim of responsibility (translation), “under the dark moon of a winter night we channeled our anger against two huts: Our claws tore apart the cages in which a dozen bait birds were enclosed; nets and traps …

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Received anonymously: The restaurant Le Fer à Ch in Roubaix was damaged by fire during the night of January 17-18. “Stop Speciesism” was found painted on a wall at the restaurant.

Report from (click here for more photos from the rescue): Open rescue XLVI This message contains three rescues at once. In the first one, we took twenty hens, in the second one five and in the third one eighteen of them. New rescuer joined us in two of these events. I asked her to write a …

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Received anonymously from Padua, Italy About 30 hens and 5 rabbits have been freed from imprisonment that would have ended in their deaths so that the exploiters could savor their bodies.

Received anonymously from (click herefor video from the action): 2 nutria (Myocastor coypus) have been released from cage traps, and 9 traps were destroyed, at Parco Agricolo Sud Milano (Italy).

Received anonymously: During the night of January 15-16, several businesses in Lille were vandalized. Windows were broken and messages painted at a Max Mara store (“Their skin, not yours”), a delicatessen (“foie gras = torture”) and a restaurant.

Reported by the Underground Badger Syndicate: PUBLIC SAFETY WARNING: please take care when walking in the woods during high winds, this structure came down inches from us, someone could’ve been seriously injured. It’s a minefield out there

Received anonymously from Unoffensive Animal: January 13th, Germany While protesting against the clearance of a forest near Würzburg/Bavaria we are sending support & greetings to the people protecting Hambi. And we can report 1 hunting tower down.

Received anonymously (translation): We, independent activists, call for the immediate closure of all slaughterhouses and the abolition of all animal exploitation. We demand the adoption of fundamental rights for all other animals. This message is primarily intended for ignorant and conditioned consumers. It is time to awaken your consciences, to question your actions and expand …

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Received anonymously: Hacked/Defaced FNC server – Federation Nationale Chasse – FRANCE Hacked/Defaced FNC server – Federation Nationale Chasse – FRANCE IP: – Linux srv-charlie 3.16.0-4-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.16.39-1+deb8u2 (2017-03-07) i686 Defaced websites Data recovery and deletion. … …

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Number of animals murdered since you opened this page. They do not include the millions of animals killed in laboratories, fur farms, animal shelters, zoos, marine parks, or circuses. Nor do they include the animals killed by human negligence, blood sports, abuse, or extermination attempts.

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