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The ‘big game’ killing field: Sickening bloodlust of trophy hunters who kill endangered animals for sport

WARREN MANGER: ‘A trophy hunter poses with pride beside the young elephant he has just killed. Philip Glass shows no remorse and even boasts: “God says we have dominion over the animals . That means we can do what we choose with them.” He is so convinced of his divine right to shoot big game, he also agreed to be filmed hunting a lion and hippo in South Africa for shocking new film Trophy… Trophy, produced by Oscar-winning actor Tom Hardy, also reveals how many hunters now use big game farms, where animals are kept in pens ready to be shot. This “canned hunting” means they can slaughter several species in one day…

British hunters imported 10 rhino trophies and 51 lion trophies from South Africa alone since 2010. In total, 450 hunting trophies have been imported using official permits in the past decade from across the globe. It is feared the trophy hunting trade, worth £150million a year, could surge. A permit to kill an elephant costs £35,000, a lion £38,000 and a rare rhino £250,000′. SOURCE…


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