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Vegans go global to stake their claim to the high moral ground

ANDREW TATE: ‘Vegan is not a dirty word – unless you’re being harassed while eating a steak… And it’s prompting debate about whether a new wave of younger activists are being too aggressive in targeting consumers and displaying public images of distressed animals. Last November, the group Anonymous for the Voiceless organised what it claimed to be the ‘biggest global vegan outreach campaign’ with its International Cube Day involving protests in 200 cities including Sydney and Melbourne. Protesters holding graphic images of factory farming believe showing the violence and gore is inevitable when fighting the meat industry…

“Disruptions are never about targeting individuals, but rather the system, and confronting a normalised practice of that system is one way to do that,” says Melbourne Cow Save on its Facebook page, who The New Daily asked for comment. “This is done in places where violence is being committed and consumed, with speak outs, protesting and chanting”… “When it comes to raising and killing animals on an industrial scale, any measure of kindness, respect or decency goes out the window,” said Laura Weyman-Jones (PETA Australia’s press officer). “Luckily, it’s incredibly easy now to find delicious vegan meat that is not only better for animals, but better for our bodies and the environment too”.’ SOURCE…


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