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Zoophilia: A Hidden Horror for Animals

DANIEL ANTOLEC: ‘I entered law enforcement at 20 years of age. When I retired 30 years later I thought I had seen the full spectrum of human abuse, violence and degradation… Through the years I never investigated a single case of sexual abuse of an animal and none of my fellow officers ever spoke of it. The crimes occurred under the radar, hiding in the long dark shadows of secrecy, pain and trauma…

On January 25th of 2018 I was exposed to a widespread dirty secret. As a new Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) volunteer I was invited to testify before the Wisconsin Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety, and there I met Melissa Tedrowe, the HSUS Wisconsin Director. Our goal was to amend Chapter 951 Crimes Against Animals.

In two hours of testimony I learned of a hidden network of animal sex offenders who communicate in online chat rooms. In later communication with bioethicist, Jessica Pierce, Ph.D. she informed me ASPCA reports at any given time 900-1,000 bestiality networks are communicating, exchanging tips and trading animals. They call themselves “zoos” and one group has over one million members’. SOURCE…


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