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Exposed: The Reality of ‘Happy’ Turkeys Trucked 12 Hours to Be Killed for ‘Rich, Dumb’ People’s Thanksgiving Meal

Some turkeys smothered themselves to death. They were crammed into cages on a truck, where they’d have to stay for at least 12 hours, without food or water, en route to a slaughterhouse in Ohio.

PETA: ‘In November 2018 at Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch in Kansas workers and volunteers shoved 1,400 so-called “heritage” and “happy” turkeys into filthy cages on a truck bound for a slaughterhouse… One turkey was gasping for air. As she took her final breaths, workers said that she was “sick,” “not right,” and lame and that she had a broken leg. A supervisor pronounced her “dead,” but the bird flapped her wings vigorously. Workers laughed after one of them left her on the ground to die. Another turkey had lost her left eyeball. A worker who was notified of this joked that she was a “pirate”… Frank R. Reese Jr., who owns and operates Good Shepherd Poultry Ranch, admitted that “we herded the turkeys” and they “smothered themselves to death”… They were crammed into cages on a truck, where they’d have to stay for at least 12 hours—without food or water—en route to a slaughterhouse in Ohio.

One of Reese’s contract farmers noted that the turkeys “can’t move their wings [or] legs. … The big turkeys are pretty crammed in”… According to one of his helpers, Reese depends on “rich, dumb people in New York” to “pay $300” for one of these turkeys, whose bodies are sold for hundreds of dollars by Heritage Foods USA and served in high-priced restaurants in New York and elsewhere. Heritage Foods boasts that it saves “endangered species of livestock from extinction” and that “the only way to save these animals is to eat them”… Equally sickening is Reese’s claim that the “Good Shepherd” in his farm’s name is “a statement of my faith, my philosophy and my approach to farming.” As the Bible teaches, true good shepherds lay down their lives for those in their care—they don’t ship others off so that their throats can be slit for cash’. SOURCE…


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