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As many as 145 pilot whales dead after mass stranding on New Zealand’s Stewart Island

NEW ZEALAND HERALD: ‘As many as 145 pilot whales have died after a mass stranding in Mason Bay on Stewart Island… There were two pods stranded at the southern end of Mason Bay, approximately 2km apart. DoC Rakiura operations manager Ren Leppens said half of the whales had already died by the time they were found and due to the condition of the remaining whales and the remote, difficult to access location, the decision was made to euthanise the remainder…

Marine mammal strandings are a relatively common occurrence on New Zealand shores, with DoC responding to an average 85 incidents a year – mostly of single animals. A pygmy killer whales stranded at Ninety Mile Beach. Two have since died and attempts were being made to refloat the others. It was the second stranding in the Far North in three days after a 15m sperm whale died on Tokeroa Beach’.  SOURCE…


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