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Screaming piglets with rotting open wounds are kicked, tortured and suffer seizures at Dutch farm

Cutting tails and grinding piglets' teeth are standard practices which are forbidden by law. The piglets are screaming during these painful actions while the mother pigs are left helplessly watching.

DEBBIE WHITE: ‘Horrific undercover footage shot at two Dutch pig farms supplying the UK market shows caged animals being booted in their heads and suffering deep, open wounds. Piglets can be seen desperately trying to feed from their mums, despite being separated by a metal barrier. Dutch-Belgian NGO Animal Rights shot the undercover video at two different pig farms in the towns of Lunteren and Nuenen, both located in the Netherlands. The animals are kept for export, with the UK being the biggest market.

In the shocking footage, injured pigs, many of them with oozing wounds or large abscesses on their body, are shown left to their fate inside small, filthy pens. Animal Rights campaign manager Erwin Vermeulen said: “The piglets and their mothers live above their own excrement on a concrete slatted floor in bare, often dirty pens. “It is a dismal and inhumane existence.”

An undercover employee, who was only identified as Tom, was hired fat the two pig farms despite not having any experience. Tasks he was given included chopping off piglet’s tails and grinding their teeth with a machine. During these practices, a farmer can be seen roughly grabbing each piglet before throwing them back into a crate.

Vermeulen said that cutting tails and grinding piglets’ teeth “are standard practices, which are forbidden by law. “The piglets are screaming during these painful actions while the mother pigs, captive between the iron bars, are left helplessly watching”… Animal Rights spokesman Robert Molenaar alleged that the scenes at the two farms are “unfortunately no excesses but standard practice in Dutch pig farming”.’ SOURCE…


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