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What is the punishment for the illegal brutal killing of hundreds of innocent deer? Watch the movie Bambi for a year.

Judge Robert E. George said, ‘I hope when you get to the part where Bambi’s mother dies, it makes you think'. How harsh of him.

CHRISTINE HAUSER: ‘A judge in circuit court ordered that a Missouri man, David H. Berry Jr., 29, must watch “Bambi” once a month while serving a one-year sentence for his role in a poaching operation believed to have killed hundreds of deer, officials said… The judge, Robert E. George of the Lawrence County Circuit Court, “was kind of trying to get through to this guy, some kind of emotional response over the gravity of what he has done,” Don Trotter, a prosecutor who worked on the case, said…

In November, Mr. Berry was given a one-year jail sentence after pleading guilty to a misdemeanor of taking wildlife illegally, the state Department of Conservation said on Dec. 13. But the sentence was suspended and he was put on probation for two years, Stacie Bilyeu, Mr. Berry’s lawyer, said… When Mr. Berry showed up in December for a hearing into a violation of his probation for hunting, Judge George reinstated the one-year sentence and then mentioned “Bambi,” Ms. Bilyeu said.

The judge ordered the sheriff to first screen the movie for Mr. Berry on or before Dec. 23, a date that Ms. Bilyeu said was chosen by the judge because he wanted it to take place before Christmas. “He said, ‘I hope when you get to the part where Bambi’s mother dies, it makes you think,’” Ms. Bilyeu said. SOURCE…


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