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Taxing Cruelty: Vivaldi-listening Cats, Coked-up Quails, and Monkey Marriage Proposals

The NIH has spent over $30 million and killed 3,000 animals for tests in which animals were locked-up and exposed to large blasts of cell phone radiation all day long for two years, from before birth until they were killed.

NOELLE CALLAHAN: ‘Kudos to US Sen. Ernst for her report that provides yet another case study for why more transparency and accountability about federal spending on animal experiments are so badly needed. NIH is especially deserving of Ernst’s dishonorable distinction. The agency squanders an estimated $15 billion annually on questionable animal experiments like these, roughly half of its entire research budget. At the same time, NIH’s own awardees report that 87.5 percent of biomedical research—especially animal experiments—is wasteful. Our two-million-member taxpayer watchdog group is the only organization dedicated to defunding the rampant waste and abuse in government animal laboratories…

Recently, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) wrote, “Sometimes, there are federal grants that perfectly encapsulate everything broken with the federal scientific research subsidization industry. One such grant is the much-popularized “quails on cocaine” study….” He was referring to an NIH-funded project in which quails were given cocaine and their sexual habits were observed in order to study “cocaine use and risky sexual practices” that have already been observed in humans. The cost to you and me? A cool $874,000.

It gets worse. As we documented in our “Ivy League Flunkers” report co-authored with former Sen. Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) organization Pursuit, Princeton University experimenters have spent over $3.7 million and counting in taxpayers’ money to study why humans can talk and monkeys can’t. Their proud achievement? Creating a computer simulation of what it might sound like for monkeys to say “Will you marry me?” Hard to believe taxpayers are funding this, right?..

At an event we co-hosted last year with Congressman Matt Gaetz (R-FL), he skewered other wasteful and bizarre NIH animal experiments, including what he called “ghoulish and horrifying” tests where pregnant animals were force-fed massive doses of herbal supplements used to induce “homemade abortions” to see if it harmed the mothers and their unborn babies. We also highlighted with Rep. Gaetz how the NIH has spent over $30 million, 10 years, and 3,000 animals on outlandish tests in which animals were locked in chambers and exposed to large blasts of cell phone radiation—greater than ten times that of an iPhone—all day long for two years, from before birth until they were killed…

Once you start looking, it’s not hard to see why experts estimate 87.5% of biomedical research is wasteful and why taxpayer-funded biomedical research is far less productive than that in the private sector… Last Congress, Republicans led the charge to combat this waste and abuse. WCW’s work with GOP lawmakers was responsible for restricting wasteful testing on dogs at the Department of Veterans Affairs, shuttering monkey nicotine addiction tests at the Food and Drug Administration… There’s more work to be done, but thanks to waste warriors like Sens. Rand Paul and Joni Ernst, we’re starting to send wasteful and stupid experiments on cats and other animals to the litterbox of history where they belong’. SOURCE…


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