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Walter Bond: True Animal Liberation

Other animals are far more civil, much more intuitive, and far less wicked and worthless than the human race.

WALTER BOND: ‘Animals are inherently better than human beings. To clarify, when I say ‘Animals’ this is merely shorthand for ‘all life upon the planet, minus us’.  And by ‘inherently better’ I mean collectively, and most of the time individually, more important to the healthy functioning of the Planet than we are. Animals are far more civil, much more intuitive, and far less wicked and worthless than the human race…

We live in a time of identity. we live in a pretentious age where everyone feels entitled to all the praise while simultaneously lacking all the substance. We live in the era of the adult infantile consumer shitbag that thinks their wish is societies command. But I will tell it plainly.

Animal Liberation is NOT giving speeches at gala events. Animal Liberation is NOT compassionate gluttony and Vegan cheese. Animals Liberation is NOT being in a band or being an artist. Animal Liberation is NOT writing or reading books. Animal Liberation is NOT an anarchist, feminist, socialist theoretical critique. Animal Liberation is NOT your ‘enlightenment’ by studying Buddha, Krishna or any other so-called eastern solutions.

Animal Liberation IS saving Animals from places of harm, confinement or danger, and/or, stopping people from harming, killing or selling Animals, real ones, in the present… If we are to keep consistent in our concern for Animals over people, and we realize that at least 90% of the human race is the problem. Then lets go ahead and elaborate the basic criteria that even qualifies any of us to be worth the air we breath…

So because of this, and a thousand other reasons, I am taking the misanthropic position from here on out. And that means looking at these issues and Animal Rights with new eyes. And it will not be so much through the eyes of the Animal lover as it is the perspective of the human hater!…… Four legs, good. Two legs bad’. SOURCE…


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